Climate change and Natural Disaster

FLC 20-02 : Strengthening Communication Capacity for Better Climate Resilience in the Mekong River Delta (CCBCR).

Expected Results



An effective communication program is implemented to raise the awareness of local communities in Mekong River Delta on severe saline water intrusion and involve their active participation in initiating and implementing activities for climate resilience.


Early Warming

A saline intrusion early warning system is developed and installed in a pilot province of Tien Giang.


Active Water Sources

An effective model of domestic and production water sources is developed and implemented for local communities in the context of saline water intrusion caused by climate change.


Project Introduction Video

The project has supported to install 2 automatic saline intrusion early warning systems in Cho Gao and Hoa Binh towns in Tien Giang province, Vietnam.

Main Activities


Implement communication activities on climate change and drought and saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta with the aim to raise awareness of the local community and attract their active participation in developing initiatives and implementing activities to respond to climate change.


Applying early warning systems and technology to update warning information quickly and promptly for local communities to improve their capacity in response and adaptation to climate change and natural disasters.


Encourage community-based initiatives and solutions in response and adaptation to climate change and natural disasters.


Support dialogues and integration of climate change and disaster issues into local government policies, helping people better respond and adapt to climate change and natural disasters.

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